About Tim

Tim was born and raised in a Saratoga Springs, a small upstate New York town. His time exploring the Adirondack Mountains growing up instilled in him a deep love and appreciation of hiking, one he very much looks forward to cultivating in Colorado. He has bounced around the northeast, living in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, before settling in New York City for the last six years. 

As an undergraduate student at Syracuse University, Tim studied Mechanical Engineering, where he could apply his love of math to real-world design contexts. This passion led him to Penn State, where he earned a Masters Degree in Meteorology, researching the causes of tornadogenesis of a 2010 tornadic supercell in Clinton, Oklahoma. He has always and will always be fascinated by severe weather events and their causes, and may even be found chasing tornadoes across the midwest. After working at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, where he researched the effects of sea-ice loss in the Arctic, he discovered that his passion was found not in cubicles, but in classrooms. Following his time at NASA, he moved to New York City to begin his teaching career. 

For five years, he taught math and science at the Academy for Software Engineering in NYC, where computer science was integrated across all disciplines. In his time there, he even had the opportunity to meet Bill Gates and the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore! He is excited to bring those educational experiences to the CUBE, where he hopes to instill in his students the same love of mathematics that has guided his academic and professional career since elementary school. Tim works at the CUBE because he believes that authentic learning that occurs through solving real-world problems builds a growth mindset in students that will buoy their success for the rest of their lives.