School Choice is Open.

You can now apply to attend the CUBE School! The DPS School Choice window is open from now until February 15 at 4pm. Just follow the link above, sign in or create a parent profile, and fill out your school rankings. We look forward to your application, and if you have any questions about the choice process, please see the FAQ below or call Ben Brasch at (303)-887-7547. He’d be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Choice Process First Come, First Serve?

No. The DPS Choice window runs from January 15th to February 15th at 4pm. After February 15th, the district will start to place students in schools. In other words, families have the whole month to fill out their choice application, and there’s no penalty for filling out an application later in the month.

Are Families Guaranteed A Spot?

Alas, no. If more students put the CUBE first than we have spots available, DPS will run a lottery and create a waitlist. DPS should inform families about their school placement at the end of March.

How Does School Matching Work?

After February 15th, DPS will take all the students in DPS and randomly assign them a lottery number. The districts algorithm, then, will take the student with a number “1” and place them in their first choice school. The algorithm continues in this way until it reaches a student whose first choice school is already full, at which point, it will place them in their second choice school. This process continues until all students have been placed in schools.