What is a charter school?

Charter schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment, public schools that have the flexibility to be innovative, entrepreneurial, self-governing, and yet are held accountable for student and operational performance.  Each charter school is different, thus offering parents a variety of choices so they can select the school that best fits their child's unique learning style.

In exchange for operational freedom and flexibility, charter schools are subject to higher levels of accountability. Charter schools, which are tuition-free and open to all students, offer quality and choice in the public education system.

WIll my student be ready for college?

The short answer.  Yes.

The longer answer.  Your student will be more ready for college upon graduation from the CUBE than most any other school, as we not only provide the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful, but we also spend significant time, energy and resources to make sure your student has the problem solving skills and the social-emotional intelligence to make solid decisions in the face of peer pressure and other challenges.

why the CUBE?

There is no more time in pubic education for incremental change.  Incremental change to programs and models has provided almost no significant change in student outcomes.  It's time that we not only rethink and reimagine schools, but that we actually take the chances to do school different.  

The CUBE reinvents what it means to learn for the future -- and not just for a select few, but for everyone.  Real. Authentic.  Mash-up Learning for all.

Will you have sports?

Yes.  We will offer boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys lacrosse, boys and girls cross country.  If the CUBE doesn't offer a particular sport (swimming, football, etc...) then students can participate via another school per CHSAA rules.