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The CUBE is looking for fantastic, dedicated teachers and administrators committed to transforming high school education through our model.

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SPEcial Education Coordinator

The CUBE is looking for a Special Education teacher who shares our belief that learning is a unique experience for every student. We are looking for someone that knows that reading, writing, speaking, math are made more powerful when students are able to make connections to their learning. We need someone who knows that we can’t make those connections the same way for all learners. This teacher sees opportunity in the challenges that unique learners face every day, and magnifies those opportunities through support, advocacy, and empathy. The Special Education teacher helps gen-ed teachers make modifications to projects, see unique perspectives to curricular approach, and anticipates challenges before they arise. This person is also gifted with a keen awareness to SPED law, details of IEP/504s, and the MTSS process.

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Business and Operations Manager (Filled)

The CUBE is looking for a Business and Operations Manager to skillfully manage all non-academic facets of the CUBE, including accounting, finance, operations, systems development, audit preparation, strategic management and grant reporting (lots more too).  This position is for the person who loves detail, and also loves creating, maintaining and improving systems that empower the mission and vision.  You have the opportunity to drive non-academic systems, creating smooth operations amidst a complex reporting environment.  We’re looking for that person who can make sense of complex problems, find beauty in the details, and creatively solve logistical problems — all with an intense desire to transform educational outcomes for our students.

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Office Manager (FILLED)

This isn’t any normal administrative role. The CUBE Office Manager works to create excellent organization systems inside, through, and outside the CUBE.  S/he is responsible for exercising the mission and vision of the CUBE through enrollment of new students, accuracy of databases, attendance, collaborative systems building, and detail oriented planning. This person strives to create meaningful connection to students and their families while creating internal processes and programs essential to the CUBE launch.  S/he is a radical collaborator, a connection seeker, a community builder, and a detailed organizer.  The successful applicant will have a positive attitude, awesome work ethic, a strong inclination for detail, and great communication skills. If you have worked in a fast-paced office in the past and you enjoy establishing your own organizational systems, we’re excited to talk with you. We’re looking for someone who can operate effectively with little or no supervision and who can manage multiple tasks at once, all while riding a unicycle.  This position supports and reports to the Executive Director.

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Director of curriculum and INstruction

The CUBE is seeking a progressive and experienced instructional leader to actualize our innovative academic vision and instructional practices. The Director of Curriculum & Instruction (DCI) at the CUBE will be charged with curriculum and programmatic oversight and alignment across all core content areas. The DCI will help to bring our CUBE instructional practices to life in our classrooms through designing and facilitating data-informed and equity-focused professional development for teachers and leaders. This person will be an expert in designing adult learning experiences, culturally responsive teaching practices, and purposeful and vertically aligned curriculum design that supports students to become independent learners. The DCI will work in close collaboration with a team of equity-minded and progressive instructional leaders committed to ensuring every child can achieve college and career readiness and become leaders in their own lives and communities.

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English Language Arts Teacher (filled)

The CUBE is looking for a language arts teacher who shares our belief that learning happens everywhere.  Reading happens everywhere.  Writing happens everywhere.  Speaking and listening happen everywhere.  The CUBE is committed to building a curriculum that fosters connections among disciplines and interdisciplinary fields, and it is through language that we seek to move past fragmented learning and towards connection-making. Rather than teaching English or Literature in a content silo, the CUBE offers topic-based contextualized Mash-ups in which students are engaged in making meaning through a dynamic process of questioning, problem posing and solving, and critical thinking.  The following areas of study are synthesized and enhanced through the Project-Based Learning approach:  classic and modern literature; social studies, science, creative and academic writing; and public speaking. 

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There is no subject in high school that elicits the “when will I ever use this?”reaction from students more than mathematics. High schools—from large comprehensive schools to STEM schools to progressive and project-based schools—have long struggled to make math relevant to student’s life and interest. The greatest factor we’ve seen in making a math classroom exceptional is the teacher. Brilliant math teachers not only make sure they tether high school math to relevant parts of a student’s life, they also impart on students a love of math in its own right. They push students to seek out the puzzles, creativity, and beauty in mathematics.

We’re looking for a teacher who can inspire every student to love math. We want someone who challenges all students to excel in math, whether accelerated math students doing trigonometric identities or struggling students trying to solve basic algebraic equations. We  want a math teacher who thinks about the applications of high school math, and who gets excited about the prospect of using math to explain phenomena in everything from Physics and Chemistry to American Literature and Poetry. 

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interdisciplinary Physics Teacher (FILLED)

The CUBE is looking for a Physics teacher to provide instruction within a collaborative, interdisciplinary structure where students explore hands-on, relevant, and project based learning.  Using NGSS science standards and deep knowledge of current news, the Physics teacher facilitates student learning through investigation and exploration of the following concepts: motion and forces, conservation of energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves, and electric and magnetic phenomena.  The CUBE Physics teacher collaborates with other content teachers to  guide students in creating innovative projects, producing topic-related research and writing, and presenting public expositions of learning.