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About Kira


Kira is a Colorado native who grew up in the mountains near Golden. She developed a love of the outdoors and a love of exploration which have stayed with her ever since. Whether traveling the world, studying the big bang, or thinking about how to push the boundaries of science education, Kira is always exploring.

She studied engineering physics at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where she also sang and toured with the Cornell Chorus and led trips with Cornell Outdoor Education. She went on to earn her masters degree in particle physics at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she investigated theoretical models of dark matter.

Dark matter is pretty thought-provoking stuff, but it was Kira’s work as a TA which truly sparked her curiosity and fed her creativity. During her time in graduate school, she worked with the Physics Education Group to design inquiry-based physics tutorials, tutored students from elementary through college level, taught introductory physics to underrepresented students at the Summer Medical-Dental Experience Program, and earned the University of Washington’s Outstanding First-year TA award.

After taking a year off to get married and travel around central and eastern Europe, Kira moved back to her home state of Colorado to pursue teaching full-time. She joined the team at DSST: College View High School, where she taught 9th grade physics. She was recently awarded the Knowles Teaching Fellowship for her strong content knowledge and teaching leadership potential.

At the CUBE, Kira is committed to designing and facilitating learning experiences which engage students in relevant, rigorous, and playful inquiry. She wants to show students that math and physics are powerful tools which can be used to both understand and design the world in which they live. As a proud nerd herself, she wants to help students tap into their own inner nerdiness and let it guide them towards purpose-driven lives.