The CUBE was created to unlock the incredible human potential within all students.  Our mission is simple—to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

The CUBE model integrates authentic knowledge of self, a dynamic schedule, computational thinking, and the “Mash-Up” interdisciplinary learning process to create a learning environment truly innovative in Denver and beyond.

The entire curriculum is linked to national and state standards (Common Core and Nex Gen Science) such that students leave knowing they have the foundational knowledge to compete.  It is also linked to emerging “uber” cognitive standards, like those from the Stanford SCALE project, the Character Lab and the Essential Skills and Dispositions Framework, so that our students develop the necessary tools to move beyond the ability to compete to the ability to thrive.

We are building next generation super heroes who think deeply about wicked problems with empathy, generosity and compassion.



The CUBE is a high school opening in North Denver (August 2019) with a 9th grade class of roughly 100 students. We draw upon the principles of Montessori, Problem-Based Learning, Expeditionary Learning and Inquiry-based models to build the capacity of all students to catalyze change through real, authentic, projects.  Our goal is to graduate 100% of the students who enter the CUBE as skilled, human-centered leaders ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

We prepare students using five elements we believe are the future of education.  They are a smashing together and rethinking of how we use time, talent and technology to develop problem-solvers, radical collaborators and generous contributors.





The essence of the CUBE is the Mash-Up Curriculum, a cross-curricular smashing together of ideas, concepts and problem-solving that teaches us to think more deeply about the world.



Who am I? Whose am I?  Where do I come from?  What makes me, me?  What do I like and why?  What are my gifts, talents and passions?

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We use our time on what we prioritize.  And those priorities have barely changed in 125 years -- standardization, single subject learning, early school days.  The CUBE is reexamining time to acknowledge that learning happens everywhere, with every one at every time.  We prioritize students.



All interactions - human to computer, computer to computer and human to human - are becoming more and more complex.  Understanding that complexity and learning to move among it is essential to navigating the future successfully.

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College should be an essential opportunity for students of tomorrow. It shouldn’t be the only choice.  Students will need to explore, change and adapt to possibility as it appears.  We should prepare them to pivot, change direction, tackle tough challenges, and create new opportunities.