The CUBE's mission is to transform high school education by building socially and emotionally intelligent learners from all backgrounds who gain the foundational knowledge, problem solving skills, and strength of character to tackle the challenges of a dynamic world.



Students deserve an engaging, authentic high school experience.  It's an experience where they are deeply known, where they are part of a true community of learners and where they can grow into civic-minded leaders. 

The CUBE model integrates character development, computer science, real-world problem solving, and an interdisciplinary learning process to create a learning environment truly innovative in Denver and beyond.

You won't always find us sitting at desks, in rows, staring a teacher.  You'll find us building robots that can play mini-golf, discovering the science of pizza, turning trash into artistic treasures, and using Black Panther as tool to study Afrofuturism. 

The entire curriculum is linked to national and state standards (Common Core and Nex Gen Science) such that students leave with the foundational knowledge to be college-ready.  It is also linked to emerging character education standards, like those from the Stanford SCALE project, the Character Lab, and the Essential Skills and Dispositions Framework, so that our students develop the necessary tools to move beyond the ability to compete to the ability to thrive.

We are building the next generation of superheroes who think deeply about wicked problems with empathy, generosity, and compassion.


The CUBE School envisions an education system that elevates all students to greatness, not regardless of latitude and longitude, but because of it.  It is a system in which problem solving skills are more important than ACT scores,  beautiful questions are more important than static answers and generous compassion is valued more than individual success.  It is a system that prepares students to engage as learners for life, ready to take on challenges yet unseen.