About Molly

Huck Finn could not sew.  He tried to needle the thread instead of threading the needle. Ol’ Judith Loftus picked up on his ruse immediately. A calico dress and bonnet weren’t enough to fool her keen eye – Huck was no girl.  He skedaddled out of that escapade and made it safely to the Mississippi – the only classroom he’d ever truly felt comfortable in, the only teacher he’d ever truly learned from.

Throughout her profession, Molly has had a keen eye on the learner.  Just what are the limiting factors of true learning? What are its growth agents? What is the best environment for curiosity to turn into problem solving? What tools should we have handy: a good book, a laptop, a glue-gun, a pair of scissors?  And what if what our students need is not a teacher but a guide on the side? A river-guide of sorts?  There she goes again with a few more questions.

No surprise that Molly’s role at the CUBE is Learning Designer.  Like her fellow CUBE team members, Molly believes that learning happens everywhere.  It happens on a river, it happens in museums, it happens on the bus ride across town, it happens in the classroom, it happens on our adventures.  Ultimately, learning happens with mindfulness.  

Molly graduated from CU Boulder with a B.A. in French and English.  She studied one year abroad in Bordeaux, France focusing her work on the preservation of  paleolithic cave paintings. She got her Masters in Education/Secondary Literacy Design from CU Denver.  Molly started her teaching career at  Denver Academy where she loved the challenge of creating experiences that helped her students with learning differences find academic success. While at DA, Molly was awarded Teacher of the Year and Experiential Educator of the Year.  Molly always imagined herself in public education, and DSST’s mission of revolutionizing public education to serve all students fit her philosophy of individualizing instruction.  During her tenure at DSST, Molly became a Master Teacher and was awarded the Sie Faculty Excellence Award for positively impacting student achievement. Molly was also awarded the Denver Bar Association’s Teacher of the Year Award for her dedication to Civic Education.  

Over the years as a classroom teacher, Molly has made important connections through her participation at Harvard Project Zero, NAATE (National Association for Advanced Teacher Education) and Stanford CSET (Center to Support Excellence in Teaching). Her current adventures have taken her across the US, seeking innovation in learning through school visits to Codman Academy, Boston Collegiate, and High Tech High along with College visits to Olin, MIT, and Harvard Business School.  She attended the EL National conference, the Digital Media Literacy conference, and CDE Pathways of Learning conference.  Molly is dedicated to designing learning experiences for the future CUBE students that are relevant, engaging, and empowering.  So much so, that you simply push off from the shore and forget you are learning.