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January 13, 2018 - read full article here

"Research studies around the globe reveal again and again that the top three things most parents hope for their children are happiness, health and a preparedness for the future.  Now, imagine that there was a school that was intentionally designed to do all these things and more.  A school that was dedicated to academic excellence, developing a love for learning, and preparing young people for the ever-changing world of work.  There is a school that fits this description and it’s opening this August here in Denver.  It’s name is the CUBE High School."

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A + Colorado - Stay Sharp Newsletter 

January 16, 2018 - Read Full article here

Denver Public Schools SchoolChoice Round 1 begins on February 1st.  There are several new choice options for parents this year.  One of them, The CUBE, is excited to revolutionize the high school learning experience...

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Glendale Paper

February 2, 2018 -read full article here