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Ian Steyn

Mr. Steyn serves on the Colorado Tourism Office Board, representing outdoor recreation, appointed by Governor’s Ritter, and Hickenlooper. He is Chair of the Colorado Tourism Leadership committee, and member of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board, representing tourism.

He was appointed by Secretary Vilsack to the Recreation Resource Committee.

Previously, he set up a network of new car dealerships in Denver, and served as President of the New Car Dealers Association.

He was VP of sales for Newgen Results Corporation, Vice President of Global Business Development, Automotive Division, at TeleTech, and President of Whosecalling, an automotive call tracking and marketing solutions company, before moving on, to outdoor recreation, hospitality, heritage and agritourism investments, supporting initiatives to inspire children and families, to engage in healthy outdoor activities.


Nathan Cadena - COO, Denver SCHOlarship FOundation

For many years, Nathan has dedicated his professional career path on the social and academic advancement of Denver’s students. As a native Coloradoan, Nathan has worked in education for over fifteen years within community colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. He has served professionally as a career counselor, professional trainer, advisor/instructor, financial aid administrator, and director of both college access and success programs. Nathan is a proud TRIO Upward Bound Alum, holds a certificate in Global Career Development Facilitation, a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences from Colorado State University, and a Master of Education from Regis University. In his leisure time, Nathan enjoys spending time with his family and supporting Colorado sports teams.