Our Impact.

The CUBE’s learner-centered education model is designed to prepare students for a future economy that we cannot yet predict - a model that prepares them to take opportunity and possibility with them everywhere they go.  The CUBE builds the capacity of all students to catalyze change by developing social-emotional intelligence, computational thinking, and a critical understanding of the authentic self.  We simply cannot accept an archaic education model any longer - our students depend on it.


Connected Learning


At the CUBE, learning is connected.  Students engage in highly relevant and authentic, interdisciplinary Mash-Ups that are organized around topics.  Science, Math, English and History are seamless integrated with Industry, wellness, art, computer science and language.  Learning is measured not only by standards proficiency, but by user-cognitive development and social emotional growth.


Bringing the Fun Back


We understand that school isn't the only happening in our students' lives. That's why we've built a school culture where students feel known and valued. Each morning, we meet as a community for Table where we get a pulse on our mood and start the day with some fun and inspiration. We frequently meet in Tribes, our advisory program, where students get personalized help from their advisor in everything from coursework to their mental health. Ensuring that students are happy at school is one of our greatest indicators as to whether they will be able to effectively learn.


Future Ready


We believe 100% of students should be prepared to succeed in college, but not all students should go to college.  There are equally as critical pathways including coding school and master apprenticeship.  These three pathways - four-year college, coding school, and apprenticeship are all valid and all essential to contributing in the future economy.