Real World Impact.

The CUBE envisions  a seismic shift in the education system that elevates ALL high school students in Denver to greatness, regardless of zip code.  It is a system in which generative problem solving is more important than standardized testing and beautiful inquiry is more important than recalling facts.  It is a system in which an individual’s success will be measured not only by academic gains, but also by the compassion and empathy individuals show to others.  It is a system that will foster life-long learners, prepared for challenges we have yet to predict.


Connected Learning.


At the CUBE, learning is connected.  Students engage in highly relevant and authentic, interdisciplinary Mash-Ups that are organized around topics.  They are six-week courses co-taught by two or more teachers.  Students actively participate in their own learning and assessment.  Learning doesn't happen to them, it happens with them.  Industry, wellness, art, computer science and language are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of each Mash-up.  Learning is measured not only by standards proficiency, but by user-cognitive development and social emotional growth.


School with a smile.


We understand that school isn't the only thing happening in our students' lives. That's why we've built a school culture where students feel known and valued. Each morning, we meet as a community to get a pulse on our mood and start the day with some fun and inspiration. Our students get customized help from their advisor in everything from coursework to their social health. Ensuring that students are happy at school is one of our greatest indicators as to whether they will effectively engage in learning.


Future ready.


We believe 100% of students should be prepared to succeed in college.  In a rapidly accelerating world of automation and artificial intelligence, there are equally as critical pathways including coding school and master apprenticeship.  These three pathways - four-year college, coding school, and apprenticeship are all valid and all essential to contributing in the future economy.  Let's face it, we don't know the future.  But, we should be ready for it.