We are a school that places student experience above all else. Students at the CUBE enjoy school, engage in rigorous, standards-driven projects, and prepare to meaningfully participate in college, career, and beyond. 



to cultivate socially and emotionally intelligent learners from all backgrounds who have the foundational knowledge, problem solving skills, and strength of character to tackle the challenges of a dynamic world.



The CUBE envisions cultivating a seismic shift in the education system that elevates all students to greatness, regardless of zip code.  It is a system in which generative problem solving is more important than standardized testing and beautiful inquiry is more important than recalling facts.  It is a system in which an individual’s success will be measured not only by academic gains, but also by the compassion and empathy individuals show to others.  It is a system that will foster life-long learners, prepared for challenges we have yet to predict.

We imagine the CUBE as the launching pad for students to find opportunity, explore possibility, and thrive as adults in the future economy.


The CUBE makes three promises to our students. These three promises are the not the extent of a CUBE education, but they are the foundation of our innovative learning approach.


We will prepare students Academically for post-Secondary Education

It is utmost important to our school that our students graduate with the ability to read, write, and compute at an adult level. Whether they go on to college or to a career, students need to have to the ability to communicate competently and intelligently in languages ranging from English to Spanish to Python.  

Our teachers achieve this by ensuring that each of their Mash-Ups is standards-driven. We take state and national educational standards and integrate them into learning in unique and engaging ways. For instance, if tenth graders need to learn about quadratic equations, we wouldn't give them a packet full of questions to answer. We'd rather build trebuchets that model quadratics.

We will activate a love of Learning in our students

Every person, at some point in their lives, has experienced real curiosity. They found something that interested them, and hungered for more. This is why children who are interested in vehicles have toys and games and books about vehicles. And this is why adults who love biking tend to amass bikes and bike parts. 

At the CUBE, we encourage students to practice that kind of curiosity--to make high school a place that values that the things that interest them instead of forcing them to focus on something else. Our students graduate knowing how to find things that excite them and how to make their interests into academic study and into careers. 

We Will Ensure Our students To Be agile in a Dynamic World

Having good test scores and grades is not a surefire way to be successful in college or career. In order to be a modern college student, a modern work, and a modern leader, students need a host of other skills. They need to be empathic and compassion. They need to know how to self-advocate and how to understand and harness the power of the technology they are using. 

Our school does just this. It prepares students for their future. We don't treat high school as an intermediary for college or work. We treat it as four essential years in determining academic interests, depth of character, and personal identity. We commit to teaching our students how to thrive, not survive, after high school.