Learning at our Core. 


At the CUBE, our curriculum unleashes the potential of interdisciplinary, topic-based, authentic learning. When planning the content, fieldwork, assessments, and standards in each of these Mash-Ups, our teachers look to our Design Principles--the four concepts that we can ensure will be a part of every class we teach.



We believe everyone has a story. We believe every one of those stories matter.  Those beliefs are in our DNA and permeate everything we do to design culture, teaching and learning.  Learning is available to all and for all.



We believe that the planning for learning and the execution of that learning are joint tasks. Much like workplaces and communities, we allow for our students to work together in meaningful ways on projects that require multiple heads and multiple set of hands. 


Our teachers rely on student, community, and industry input for planning our classes. We continually look toward our students’ interests, hobbies, and passions for inspiration. Our essential question, “Who Am I?” is a through line to all things CUBE, as student progress in self-knowledge.


Learning happens everywhere. There is a connection in every class to the world beyond the CUBEs’ walls. We strive for all students to understand their personal experiences as educational, and we train our students to look for the education inherent in every experience.