Hear from parents of our founding class why they chose the CUBE for their students' high school.

Why choose the CUBE School for your child? The CUBE School is located in a historic Park Hill neighborhood, a place of community, safety, rigor, and deep learning. We believe that every student should feel known deeply. We believe our main responsibility is getting students ready for the future—a future that is hard to predict.  And while it’s hard to know what the future will look like, we do know there are social, academic, and character skills that will ensure students are prepared. That’s why we emphasize knowing our students deeply. Otherwise, how else can we support and challenge them?


There are some great schools in Denver. You are fortunate to have choices. Let’s create an even better option together. Let’s create a school where your child’s passions are more important than standardized tests. Let’s create a school where your voice matters in everything from course design to layout of classrooms to hiring teachers. Let’s design something truly special together.

Promise 1


Authentic Learning for the Real World

At the CUBE, learning is connected. Our students will learn in ways that stick. We don’t want students to cram for a test only to forget everything they learned the next week. We want students who can tie things they’ve learned to projects they’ve done, papers they’ve written, and experiences they’ve had. We also want the content of that learning to be important to their current and future lives—learning that will show up in their time outside of school.

Promise 2


Known, Heard, and Challenged

We believe that you can’t motivate a student you don’t know. Through having a small school, a dedicated advisory program, frequent community meetings, and multiple opportunities for out-of-school experiences, we build a lot of time for teachers to get to know students and vis versa. This allows us both to hold our students accountable and to challenge them to reach new heights.

Promise 3


Prepared for College + Beyond

Students need to learn how to be successful on tests like the SAT and ACT. They need to know how to think through math problems and write clearly and with complexity. But they also need to know self-advocacy. They need to know how to communicate, how to make friends, and how to handle conflict. By focusing on academic and character development, we prepare our students to get into college, and we also teach them how to thrive once they’re there.