Overarching the entire CUBE learning-centered environment are two focal points - the development of "uber" cognitive skills and the engagement of communities of learning. How do we make this happen?   There are five unique elements.  These elements are not just novelty - they are innovative new ways to drive education forward.


"WHO am I?" Foundation

Three questions drive the foundation of every student at the CUBE —- Who am I? Whose am I? and Where do I come from?  Because of “who you are”, you are a unique, capable and amazing person empowered to change the world.



Dynamic schedule

The daily schedule includes multiple segments called “sessions.”  The sessions vary in length of time, but can be combined, separated or adjusted as needed to supplement learning so we aren’t looking at time statically.  The annual schedule is broken into segments called “blocks” that are most often six weeks long, but that can be broken down further into shorter blocks.  This schedule also allows the CUBE to take advantage spaces and places already available in Denver (i.e. DMNS, DCAT, Metro, etc…)



COmputational thinking

Computational thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behavior by drawing on the concepts of computer science. It is the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions and includes: algorithmic thinking, decomposition, abstraction and pattern recognition.


"Mash-Up" Curriculum

The core element that makes the CUBE unique is the “Mash-Up” —- essentially a 1.5 to 3 hour session per day over six week blocks, in which students have the opportunity to engage in highly relevant, authentic learning both on and off campus. All mash-ups are tied to either CCSS or NGSS standards as well as specific social emotional competencies that we call the “uber”-cognitive skills necessary to success in the future.

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post-secondary pathways

Every student should graduate from the CUBE college-ready. Not every student should go to college. We have to prepare students for multiple pathways including coding school, master artisan and apprenticeship.