The Garage.

A next generation maker space in the heart of Globeville, the Garage offers the tools, technology and space for students to bring ideas to life.

The hands-on learning and interdisciplinary skills involved in making empower students to explore, dream and create solutions to both old and new problems.  We empower them with the equipment needed, both heavy in tech and void of tech, to actually make the solutions they imagine. 


We believe in the hope that the impossible can be made possible.  Students deserve to know that no matter the challenges they may face, no matter the obstacles in front of them, they have hope to change the world.


The world is changing more rapidly than we know.  Preparing our next generations for that dynamic future is paramount.  


The ability to communicate is seen as an essential relationship building tool that empowers students to bridge gaps in thinking, feeling and expression. 

Creative problem solvers

It is often said the first 50 ideas in problem solving are easy.  But the 51st - that is where truly creative solutions emerge.   The Garage teaches students to think beyond the box. 

PRODUCERS and Makers

Students of tomorrow have to produce quality work with great consistency.  It's not a one and done world.  The ability to build great products over and over and over, that is the key. 


Make. Create. Play.

We find community in places that encourage us to be our best and have fun along the way.  The Garage is just such a place. Learners engage in community building through discreet skills associated with adapting to changing environments, creative problem solving and leveraging communication.



A Glowforge Pro, Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D printers, Microsoft Surface Pros, and more. The Garage is equipped with latest technology. 


a space to dream

The Garage gives them a safe space to explore imagination, with the tools to actually make it come to life. Learners who experience the Garage also leave with better communication, creativity, resilience and collaboration skills — skills necessary to the 21st century economy.


Fantastic programming

The Garage has hosted some awesome programming this summer. Camps have done everything from making homemade pizza to build their own minigolfing robots. 

The Garage.

Making sure all students are able to express themselves and their ideas through making.