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About Tia

Althea “Tia” Greer has been a witness and participant in innovative school design all her life as a Montessori preschool student, at the Odyssey School for 9 years, and at DSST:Stapleton. An avid supporter and lover of project-based and expeditionary learning, Tia has found that moments where she was free to question and investigate with abandon were the most impactful on her life. Burnt out by a system meant to have her prepared and excited for college, Tia decided to take a much needed break and travel after high school. She settled on South America and education, splitting her time between Quito, Ecuador and Pisco Elqui, Chile as an English as a foreign language teacher. During her time abroad, she found that the simple act of sharing language opened a whole new part of the world to her and that the answers to the scariest human questions all laid in exploring and interacting with one another.

While attending Cornell College, Tia explored many passions, from social justice to art therapy, as she intensively explored models of education, language, sculpture, sociology, and gender studies. She believes that above all things learning should be truly meaningful and fun, and is willing to work to create that reality for students. During her summers, she worked with DSST: GVR and DSST: Byers  content and leadership teams as a part of their Summer Fellows program. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, President of Sigma Delta Pi Spanish honors society, and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Spanish and Secondary Education.

Tia works for the CUBE because she strives to create inclusive and holistic spaces that invite students to come as they are and lead with kindness. She is beyond excited to build an English curriculum that invites students to use words to adventure into all of the smallest pockets of the world with wonder, and can’t wait to begin to share and create new stories with them.