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About Tomas

Tomás graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Spanish Literature from the University of California San Diego.  After graduation, he travelled the world taking the next 10 years to learn through experience. He lived in South Korea and Australia. He sailed throughout the South China sea from Indonesia to Borneo and found every way to kayak, raft, surf, bike, hike and climb from New Zealand to Thailand. Upon returning to the U.S., he earned a Masters in Bilingual Education while working at UCSD the Preuss School before moving to Colorado in 2007. Tomás worked for Cherry Creek School District before taking a position at DSST:Stapleton.

Tomás is a master teacher with 14 years of classroom experience. He has the highest average AP Spanish test scores in the DSST Network with a 98% pass rate and average score of 4.3. He has taught a variety of subject from elementary school, Math, Technology to AP Euro, and AP Art History. Tomas holds a BCLAD teaching license as well as Colorado professional teaching license.

Tomás’ journey to the Cube comes from a deeply held belief that learning is best when experienced through engaging activity that makes us smile and have fun. The current system is uninspiring, unengaging, and not designed for an integrated experience. It’s not helping to prepare students for an interconnected world.  Tomás wants to awaken the love of learning, wants to be part of a school that connects students to the learning opportunities they have everyday, and wants to nourish student empathy by experiencing the world around them in authentic ways. He believes the CUBE’s curriculum and emphasis on service provides a new understanding of what school should be.