We are experience architects, story tellers and creative risk takers.  Our staff are one-of-a-kind innovators who not only have the experience to know what needs to change, but who also have the capacity to make it happen.


Bret Poppleton

Bret is the CUBE Storyteller.  He's a dreamer and visionary who believes that an education disruption is essential to preparing students for the future economy.  He is a relationship builder and compassionate catalyst for social change. 

You will find Bret exploring the trails of Colorado via bike or foot, playing lacrosse with his three radical boys, and sipping coffee on the front porch with is beautiful wife.

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Jim stephens

Jim’s role as Experience Architect at the CUBE combines human centered design with an understanding of complexity to create learning landscapes and experiences filled with endless opportunities for others. It is the designing for others, entire communities of learners, that has led Jim to where he is now with the CUBE and guides his every move. Helping others achieve dreams, and design authentic pathways is what Jim is all about.

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Molly lepore

At her core of cores, Molly is a teacher.  She comes alive in the classroom space.  Her favorite tool is a good question.  A really good, beautiful question.  She has been teaching for eighteen years, the first six focused on students with special needs.  She has made important connections through her participation at Harvard Project Zero, NAATE (National Association for Advanced Teacher Education) and Stanford CSET (Center to Support Excellence in Teaching).  Her other passion is textile art – she sews clothes, knits, crochets, and makes needle-felt dolls.

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Ben Brasch

Ben is the CUBE's MC. He works to set the stage for our students everyday. His core belief is that school should inspire kids to want to learn and that learning should always be fun. Ben graduated from Pomona College, where he studied civic education in spaces of childhood away from home and school. He focuses his energy at the CUBE on creating engaging, student-driven projects and making all students feel at home in our building. In his personal life, Ben's interest include curing and smoking meat, losing at chess, and the biology of fermentable foods.