Our staff disagrees on a lot of things. Some of us believe that anchovies belong on pizza. Others believe that all coffee tastes the same. And some (see Tomás) believe there are social situations where hot pink crocs are socially appropriate. What we do agree on is that we all love learning, working with kids, and giving our students the world class education that every student deserves.


Bret Poppleton

Bret is the CUBE’s Founder and Storyteller.  He believes that an education disruption is essential to preparing students for the future economy.  While he has a Finance degree from Notre Dame, an MBA from Penn State, and worked at DSST for more than 10 years, it was his experience in education outside the walls of the school setting (sports, travel, and service) where he learned the most.  You will find Bret exploring the trails of Colorado via bike or foot, playing lacrosse with his three radical boys, or sipping coffee on the front porch with his beautiful wife. Sometimes, he does all three at the same time.

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kira blonsky

As the CUBE School's physics teacher, Kira equips students with both a deep knowledge of the physical world and a deep knowledge of themselves. She studied engineering physics at Cornell University, and then earned her masters degree in particle physics at the University of Washington, where she studied some of the biggest puzzles in the cosmos. Early in her teaching career, she began working on an even more exciting type of puzzle: figuring out how to engage young people in scientific inquiry and creative problem solving. When she isn't nerding out about physics and education, she's usually singing with her choir, working on an urban farm, doing yoga, or frolicking in the mountains.

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Jonathon Best

As the CUBE School's computer science teacher, Jonathon is responsible for algorithmic learning, building, tinkering, and coding design.  Jonathon has been teaching for over a decade in Colorado. He began at Standley Lake High School and went on to teach engineering and computer science at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy. While there, Jonathon built the school network’s first makerspace and permanent computer lab. He is committed to helping students prepare for a future where human/computer interaction will only become more frequent and complex. He wants students to print impossible shapes out of a 3D printer, to make robots for their convenience, and to sew and outfit equipped with wearable technology.

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Tia Greer

Althea “Tia” Greer is the CUBE School's English teacher.  Above all else, Tia is a collector of words and is fascinated with how we make meaning from them. The first word she collected was in the 4th grade—antidisestablishmentarianism—to get her sister to stop copying her.  A lifelong lover of learning, Tia graduated from Cornell College, one of the nations two "One Course At a Time" curriculum schools, with a BA in secondary education and Spanish. She is driven by the belief that education can and should be challenging, freeing, and filled with joy, and as such strives to create exciting, exploratory, and challenging classroom spaces.  Tia finds magic and joy in the infinite ways we as people can string words together, and strives to use the exploration of language as a means to know her students and the world.

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Ben Brasch

Ben is the CUBE school's Dean of Students. His core belief is that school should inspire kids to want to learn and that learning should always be fun. Ben graduated from Pomona College, where he studied civic education in spaces of childhood away from home and school. He went on to teach Biology at DSST: Stapleton, where he realized that the type of learning that really stuck with students almost always involved using their hands and more often than not engaged them in learning outside the classroom. He focuses his energy at the CUBE on making all students, and their families, feel at home in our building. In his personal life, Ben's interest include curing and smoking meat, pizza making, and losing at chess. 

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tomÁs wainman

Tomás is the CUBE School’s Spanish teacher, and he has been teaching for 14 years. He worked for Cherry Creek school district for six years until he accepted a position at DSST: Stapleton, where he has taught for eight years. Tomás teaches all levels of Spanish, from introductory to a native speakers track. He has the highest AP Spanish test scores in the DSST network with a 98% pass rate a 4.3 average score.  Tomás holds a masters in Bilingual Education, and serves to help students awaken their love of learning through their work at school and their experiences in the world beyond school.


Tim Hatlee

Tim is the CUBE School's Math teacher, and has a fascination with the subject that borders on infatuation. He believes passionately that math is best learned through authentic, interdisciplinary explorations that bridge the gap between STEM and the humanities.Tim graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has sought to expand his learning experiences with masters degrees in Meteorology, Secondary Mathematics Education, and Curriculum and Instruction. He began his career as a math (and sometimes science) teacher in New York City and is thrilled at the opportunity to help students at the CUBE develop a deep curiosity and understanding of the things they see and experience every day. Outside of the classroom, you'll find Tim roaming the many mountains of Colorado like a kid in a candy store, alongside his wife and his puppy.