College Ready.

Every student who graduates from the CUBE will be prepared not just to go to college, but to thrive in college.  We believe that every student should excel in reading, writing, math, and the sciences.  The country's best colleges and university's need students with academic intelligence coupled with the social emotional skills and character dispositions necessary to solve the world's wicked problems. That's why our students will also go through significant work to improve their social and emotional intelligence.  

Joy in school and smiles on faces.

Are you tired of hearing the words "I don't know" and "boring" when you ask your student about school?  We are too.

The CUBE will inspire and activate the a love for learning and a genuine curiosity for knowledge.  We call it "learning that matters".  We inspire that learning by engaging deeply not just academically, but socially in the topics relevant, authentic and important to students today.  We aren't going to teach your student something "just in case" they might need it.  We will help them to find their own passions and discover that beautiful questions are more important than static answers.

Learners for Life.

As our world rapidly emerges into a time of intense technological change and rapid interconnectivity with people around the globe, we need agile workers to fill critical roles in jobs we don't even yet know exist.

The times of staying the same job for extended periods are over.  The pace of change is just too great.  Our students need the capacity to quickly learn new skills, gain new knowledge and quickly adjust to changes in the marketplace.  That capacity simple isn't built in most high schools today.