high school for the future. 

The Garage. 

Exciting news.  The CUBE opened a maker space, a place to tackle challenges with tools and technology. We call it the Garage. You call it fun.


Learning happens everywhere.


Our Vision

 The CUBE is a new high school opening in Park Hill in 2020  (3399 Holly Street).  It is founded by teachers from one of the most successful charter schools in the country based on proven principles and research backed systems.  Master teachers + proven methods + new ideas = the CUBE.

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The CUBE envisions  a seismic shift in the education system that elevates ALL high school students in Denver to greatness, regardless of zip code.  It is a system in which generative problem solving is more important than standardized testing and beautiful inquiry is more important than recalling facts.  It is a system in which an individual’s success will be measured not only by academic gains, but also by the compassion and empathy individuals show to others.  It is a system that will foster life-long learners, prepared for challenges we have yet to predict.


Connected Learning.


At the CUBE, learning is connected.  Students engage in highly relevant and authentic, interdisciplinary Mash-Ups that are organized around topics.  They are six-week courses co-taught by two or more teachers.  Students actively participate in their own learning and assessment.  Learning doesn't happen to them, it happens with them.  Industry, wellness, art, computer science and language are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of each Mash-up.  Learning is measured not only by standards proficiency, but by user-cognitive development and social emotional growth.


School with a smile.


We understand that school isn't the only thing happening in our students' lives. That's why we've built a school culture where students feel known and valued. Each morning, we meet as a community to get a pulse on our mood and start the day with some fun and inspiration. Our students get customized help from their advisor in everything from coursework to their social health. Ensuring that students are happy at school is one of our greatest indicators as to whether they will effectively engage in learning.


Future ready.


We believe 100% of students should be prepared to succeed in college.  In a rapidly accelerating world of automation and artificial intelligence, there are equally as critical pathways including coding school and master apprenticeship.  These three pathways - four-year college, coding school, and apprenticeship are all valid and all essential to contributing in the future economy.  Let's face it, we don't know the future.  But, we should be ready for it.


Learning at our Core. 


At the CUBE, our curriculum unleashes the potential of interdisciplinary, topic-based, authentic learning. When planning the content, fieldwork, assessments, and standards in each of these Mash-Ups, our teachers look to our Design Principles--the four concepts that we can ensure will be a part of every class we teach.



We believe everyone has a story. We believe every one of those stories matter.  Those beliefs are in our DNA and permeate everything we do to design culture, teaching and learning.  Learning is available to all and for all.



We believe that the planning for learning and the execution of that learning are joint tasks. Much like workplaces and communities, we allow for our students to work together in meaningful ways on projects that require multiple heads and multiple set of hands. 


Our teachers rely on student, community, and industry input for planning our classes. We continually look toward our students’ interests, hobbies, and passions for inspiration. Our essential question, “Who Am I?” is a through line to all things CUBE, as student progress in self-knowledge.


Learning happens everywhere. There is a connection in every class to the world beyond the CUBEs’ walls. We strive for all students to understand their personal experiences as educational, and we train our students to look for the education inherent in every experience. 


Colorado Succeeds believes that education is the key that unlocks success for everyone, and it is every child’s right to have access to high-quality education. There is a critical need to provide high-quality school in Denver so that ALL kids truly have equal access to opportunities to reach their full potential. 
Innovative, relevant new schools like the CUBE have the potential to help make this ambitious goal a reality for kids in Denver. The mission and goals of the CUBE are critical to fill the needs of our future economy.

Scott Laband / CEO, Colorado Succeeds


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Our Team

We have closed achievements gaps.  We have won teacher of the year awards.  We have been recognized as master teachers nationally.  And yet, we are more.  We are makers, doers, cooks, athletes, musicians, and geeks. We are expert educators who envision a new way of teaching. We have the experience to know how to teach our students the content they need and the creativity to deliver that content in fun, engaging, and imaginative ways. 

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Community makes us stronger.

The CUBE model integrates authentic knowledge of self, a dynamic schedule, computational thinking, and the “Mash-Up” interdisciplinary learning process to create a learning environment truly innovative in Denver and beyond.  However, we can't do it alone.  We need you.  We need students, parents, community and teachers ready to create something radically different.  We need change makers like you.



Interested in the CUBE? We need curious, interesting, change-makers who want to become leaders in Denver and the World.  We want athletes and computer scientists, artists and math wizards -- we want aspiring leaders.


Tired of the status quo? Want more for your child? Students deserve customized, rigorous learning that prepares them for life after high school -- immersive learning full of joy


We're hiring teachers who want to rebel against the belief that the only way students learn is by sitting and listening to a teacher. We're looking for a staff of passionate, collaborative, lifelong learners.