A DENVER high school for the future. 

Opening soon.   

The CUBE High School builds the academic, character, and real-world skills our students need to thrive in college, career, and a rapidly changing future. We start that journey on August 19, 2019, when our founding class walks through our front doors for the first time.  


Your story matters. 


The CUBE High School is looking for curious, interesting, creative students who want to become leaders in Denver and the world. We want athletes and computer scientists, artists and math wizards, gamers and chemists.


What makes a great high school for your child? Students should learn to know and be known. Students deserve engaging, rigorous learning that prepares them for college and the life beyond college.


We’re hiring teachers who want to challenge the belief that the only way students learn in high school is by sitting and listening to a teacher. We’re looking for a staff of passionate, collaborative, lifelong learners. Is that you?

Learn about the CUBE School by watching this video from Ben Brasch, our founding Dean of Students.


Known, Heard, and Challenged.


The CUBE is an integrated, intentionally small high school because we believe that you can't motivate a student you don't know. We have advisories, frequent all-school meetings, and a strong connection between our staff and our families in order ensure that all the students in our building feel known and heard. We use our community to learn about our students' academic and character strengths -- and their insecurities. We use this knowledge to challenge them to reach new heights in and out of the classroom.   

Education needs to be preparing students for jobs that don't exist and to use technologies, sciences and methods that we haven't even discovered yet, and to solve problems that we haven't yet identified.

Jamie Casap / Education Evangelist, Google



Learning happens everywhere.

We know that learning doesn't just happen when you are at school. It happens everywhere - on the football field, on a hike, at guitar practice and even while you are cooking dinner. We want students to acknowledge and seek the learning they experience every day.

Colorado Succeeds believes that education is the key that unlocks success for everyone, and it is every child’s right to have access to high-quality education. There is a critical need to provide high-quality school in Denver so that ALL kids truly have equal access to opportunities to reach their full potential. 
Innovative, relevant new schools like the CUBE have the potential to help make this ambitious goal a reality for kids in Denver. The mission and goals of the CUBE are critical to fill the needs of our future economy.

Scott Laband / CEO, Colorado Succeeds



Educators who care.

We have closed achievements gaps, won teaching awards, and built curriculum.  And yet, we are more. We are makers, doers, cooks, athletes, musicians, and geeks. We are expert educators who envision a new way of teaching. We are creative, fun, engaging, and imaginative.