A DENVER high school for the future. 


High School.

“Kindness, helpfulness, thinking outside the box, and overcoming your limits.”



The CUBE High School is looking for curious, interesting, creative students who want to become leaders in Denver and the world. We want athletes and computer scientists, artists and math wizards, gamers and chemists.

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What makes a great high school for your child? Children should learn to know and be known. Children deserve engaging, rigorous learning that prepares them for college and the life beyond college.

Attendance Line: (720) 575-0070

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We’re hiring teachers who want to challenge the belief that the only way students learn in high school is by sitting and listening to a teacher. We’re looking for a staff of passionate, collaborative, lifelong learners. Is that you?

The CUBE High School builds the academic, character, and real-world skills our students need to thrive in college, career, and a rapidly changing future.


What are people saying about The CUBE?

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We have closed achievements gaps, won teaching awards, and built curriculum.  And yet, we are more. We are makers, doers, cooks, athletes, musicians, and geeks. We are expert educators who envision a new way of teaching. We are creative, fun, engaging, and imaginative.